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We could tell you how much you’ll love us. But we would rather have our clients tell you.

We Offer a Full Service Package

Our HOD full service package bundle gives you the must-haves for your business to soar to new heights. Expert marketing, web design, video production, web development, and social media, all under one roof. And all for a price that will make you smile! 

Web Design
Graphic Design
Video Production
Social Media Marketing



Love your website

Web Design

Captivate your customers with professionally-produced website and beautiful designs, 100% tailored to your business.
Discover what happens when functionality and creativity come together, seamlessly.



Engage and connect with customers

We know that connecting and engaging is what matters. That’s what online marketing is REALLY about.  We work closely with you to determine the BEST strategies to reach your marketing goals. This begins with a one-on-one consultation.  From there, we develop a successful marketing strategy to skyrocket your brand

Social Media Marketing

Inform and connect through quality social media posts tailored to your business. We’ll make sure you’re visible across all your markets, with custom themes, video and design that create buzz around your brand.

Content Marketing

Great content is what it’s all about. Create value and grow by delivering an online experience your audience can’t wait to share. And when everyone’s sharing, just watch what happens to your business! We’ll keep your blog fresh and focused with content that speaks to your brand.

Graphic Design Team

Your business deserves an eye-popping digital presence that keeps customers coming back. But as a business owner, your time is in short supply. Our graphic design team is here to take care of all the details so you can focus on other priorities.

Support Team / Project Manager

Your project, expertly managed. We’ll match you with a team of specialists who will guide you through the entire HOD process, with access to your own Project Manager (PM), web designer, graphic designer, online marketer, video editor and photographer.


Contact House of Designers, Let us show you how our dedicated full service design and marketing team can take your business to the next level.