2017 Trends in Social Media and Marketing: 5 Trends to Check Out

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When it comes to social media marketing, it’s all about the energy that you are putting into it on the behalf of your business. Marketing is so competitive these days that you have to hit the ground running if you haven’t already. Today we’re delving into the latest and hottest trends in social media marketing so you can ride the wave of what’s happening now.

1. Managing Different Mediums of Social Media and Having Your Own Site

Producing and sharing content has more control when it is on your site or social media platforms. Posts on Facebook are nice, but you can’t necessarily control the outcome of that content. Posting on a platform that you own offers you more flexibility in what you’re putting up and how people may respond. In any regard, having multiple mediums and platforms of social media is a great idea, but try to have most of your content on your site for online property that you own as opposed to those like Instagram and Facebook that you are “renting”.

2. Customize Your Message

One-on-one marketing can cut back on the amount you spend on marketing and also help your campaigns and their effectiveness. You could get up to eight times an R.O.I. for how much you’re spending marketing, according to the Harvard Business Review. If you’re getting a customized, well thought-out message to the right person at the right time–that’s successful marketing. You just want it to be inviting instead of intrusive and not sneaky or startling. Knowing what your message is and delivering something that works will yield huge results, so make sure your message is customized and thought out.

3, Consider Utilizing Marketing Bots

This trend is catching on! A bot is a software application that can run automated tasks on the Internet at a higher rate than a person could on their own. Bots have a lot of positive benefits, like doing a variety of tasks that humans can do like helping you with marketing and communicating with site visitors and more. It could save you a lot of time and who doesn’t love that? Check out their potential by doing your own research!

4. Finding Customer Network Opportunities

Another hot marketing trend this year is finding untapped markets or networks and trying to grow by finding new customers. Figuring out where a lot of your target market or potential customers are spending their time and then work from there to fine-tune marketing. It could be advertising on a site that you know to have a certain demographic or using certain hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and more that help people find you when searching for a specific term.

Some businesses are even starting to use Quora as a marketing channel to quiz people about certain topics. Marketers found out that people were asking others about challenges they were having or certain products and quickly hopped on there to provide answers, boosting the popularity and views on the site.

5. Delivering Quality Content

In 2017, you have to deliver quality content over quantity. With more and more brands putting out content on every platform imaginable from SnapChat to Instagram, small and large businesses alike are investing content and having it pay off big time in not only profit but more followers and customers. So you can see why this trend is taking off like a hot balloon into the air!

Quality content is important just as much as distributing it. Quality needs to be present in everything you produce and release to the public. From text to video or even podcasting and images, you’ve got to make sure that everything you present is on-brand and message and goal specific.

You want high-quality resolution and production value with everything you put out there! Just make sure it promotes your company and what you do in a constructive way that helps people learn more and become interested in buying your product or services.

At the end of the day, there is so much content going up and being published every second. The competition is fierce! There are likely other people and businesses competing for those dollars among you, so make sure you put in the effort and make your marketing, social media, content and connection as effective as possible, and you’ll start seeing the benefits of your hard work soon. Thanks for reading– now get out there and market!