How to Create A Successful Social Media Video Marketing Strategy (And Video!)

When it comes to social media video marketing, does your business have what it takes? Production teams specialize in social media more and more often these days. It also can cost big bucks to pay them for what they do– the field is in high demand right now. The market is far from saturated, but there are a lot of businesses and lots of videos utilizing social media as their way to find an audience. Whether paid for or self-generated, here’s how to put together your own social media videos as part of a strategy to get more customers and succeed more as a business!

Social media marketing is so in-demand that there are businesses popping up left and right just to try and meet the need. Businesses want to expand their sales, build a following, and generate profit. It’s not easy to be in the black, but social media and marketing can help you get there. Whether you’re a struggling small business or just starting to take off, entering the social media market is a smart choice if you want to do better as a business.

Videos work so well in part because they can tell you so much in a short period of time. With so much advertising out there competing for everyone’s attention, you’ve got to be able to grab someone’s focus and hold it for as long as you can. Video is just a lot more engaging than text is. You’re also able to communicate so much in a short amount of time because the brain naturally takes in a lot visually and dissects it. Human beings naturally process quite a bit of information subconsciously and instantaneously. It’s one of those things that video connects to and text really struggles to imitate.

Let’s also not forget the fact that it is all too easy to share video online. It’s actually quite a bit more difficult to share a book, especially if it’s physical. However, a video can reach an exponential amount of people in a short amount of time if it’s shared by a lot of people. It’s easy to share video and content these days online, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works!

Social media marketing via video is also effective because people love content! They love feeling more connected to a brand and seeing what they’re all about. Engagement is the perfect way to have a healthy and thriving communication base from business to customer. They can watch your videos and see what you’re about, and reach out if they have any questions. They can follow your business and find out more. They can become a customer easily. Social media makes business accessible, and also makes customers accessible to businesses. It goes both ways, and video is the glue that makes it all work.

You can create your own videos using inexpensive equipment if you’re handy enough! Why hire a video crew or have an unprofessional appearing video? You can pop down to the store and get yourself some equipment without shelling out for a DSLR camera (at least initially) and get comparable or decent visual quality. You can use your smartphone video camera if you’re desperate, but try to have a friend film it if they have a decent camera in exchange for a favor down the line if you’re strapped for time but need to get it done. Your local library or college may be able to help as well.

Lights are everything when filming, so you’ve got to have good lighting or your video will be ruined. A home supply store or general retail store like Walmart or Target can provide you with the equipment you need for low budget prices. You’ll need three clip lights, three CFL bulbs in daytime light, 3 spring clips, and a package of extension cords. Natural light can also be a huge asset– don’t be afraid to experiment with using light from the outdoors!

You may also at some point want to buy a microphone if you think you may be doing this long term so you can get decent audio recording the way you want. This may involve getting close to your subject to interview them and being conscious of background noise and how it affects your video. Too many people have recorded footage, only to find that background noise has ruined their footage! You can also create your own studio in a room that is polished or has a unique backdrop with solid color. It’s up to you. As long as you like it, it’s good. Using a tripod will also help you keep your camera steady.

Finally, it’s best to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish before setting out to do it. If you know what you want out of your videos and social media presence, it will be a lot easier to achieve it. Don’t forget that you are doing this to help your business succeed and attract more customers!

Also, it goes without saying, but here goes: separate yourself and your voice from your imagined voice of the company. A business must be professional and while you’re seeking to inform or entertain, you also want to keep your goals in mind. Are you expanding brand awareness? Do you want to let people know about a sale or aspect of your business you think they would be interested in? Do you want to generate leads or gain customers?

Think about all of this and more when considering what type of content you want to create. Remember, you’re in control, for better or worse. But if you built and ran a company that is still functional, good for you.

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